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Yarden Salem's Bio

DJ Yarden Salem is a DJ under Joy Psy from Kadima, Israel. 


DJ Yarden Salem “plays everything.” He started out in music when he was 13 when his friend showed him how to use a music software. Since then, he’s been keeping parties going in clubs and private events all over Israel. His latest release, “Can You See It,” was inspired by legendary artists like Blastoyz, All in One, Van Persi, and others within the trance genre.


He also goes by the artist moniker Samantra where he creates and performs trance music. Interestingly enough, Samantra started as his main project, but DJ Yarden Salem picked up more popularity and in time became his main focus. 


Salem is proud to be a part of the Joy Psy label and has his music available on all platforms.


Yarden Salem's Music